hella enchanted

by sleepyboy

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songs about nothing.

written and recorded in 2015 by sleepyboy

thanks to tim comstock for the artwork.

take care.


released October 15, 2015



all rights reserved


sleepyboy Austin, Texas

the wiz khalifa of band camp

moak squad

slim thicc/dumb lit

steam punk revival

say hi: lincolnmd93@gmail.com

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Track Name: blood moon
yr turning blue,
i never knew,
what you could do

and in yr room,
wearing costumes,
beneath a blood moon.

cry into palms,
yr singing songs,
goodbye yea so long.

last halloween,
dressed up as me,
and you came clean.

you go to church
cause it got worse,
a dying universe.

it's in the trees,
and it's in me,
at least it could be.
Track Name: blame yourself
i dont wanna fall in love
until I've grown up.
rather watch rain
in your room.

well you'll go to the bar
and you'll fill that empty heart,
still won't know what to do

but don't blame yourself
so easily, its not yr fault things
go that ugly.
passed out,
blacked out at the mall
you've had yr fill of alcohol

i dont wanna go to sleep
cause ill see you in my dreams
riding bikes down the sidewalk.

and i know that yr starved
but i can't fill that empty heart
all i know how to do is talk
Track Name: bleaker
is this indifference?
or are you different?
eyes closed and distant,
made no commitment.

blue faced, holding breath,
lay it down to rest.
this displaced notion of death,
forgot what you said.

please wilt don't bloom,
spin around the room.
walked by yr tomb,
dressed as a dead groom.

well it got late,
yr finally free.
you hopped the gate,
come and find me.

come and find me.
Track Name: vanity mirror
fell asleep beneath
the blood moon
on the ceiling,
told me to free me needs
this useless body's feeling.

and in this little life,
i kept getting sick on time,
blinded by broken light,
found some sleep
and called it mine
Track Name: hot winds against us
harvest, time to grow,
watching planes fly low.
new clothes in yr old home.
fell asleep talking on the phone.

you look so different,
hard to believe yr the same
skin and bones.
new clothes in yr old home.
the space beneath yr tombstone.
and in a past life you grew old.